Wednesday, September 8, 2010

40. Wales part 2

Broadcast on 22nd June 2010
Welsh poets including three Thomas'

Poets of Wales Dannie Abse, Leslie Norris
Argo, 1971
Poets Of Wales Poets Of Wales cover
Some of Leslie Norris' poems including Skulls, A Girl's Song, Ransomes for Edward Thomas.

R.S.Thomas reading his own poems, recorded at the poet's home, July 1976
Welsh Arts Council Oriel, 1976
RS Thomas

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, read by Richard Burton with John Neville and Robert Hardy
An Argo recording, Spoken Arts, undated
Ancient Mariner
Richard Burton reads Frost at Midnight from this record.

The World of Dylan Thomas in Poetry and Prose with excerpts from Under Milkwood. Richard Burton, Emlyn Williams and other readers.
Argo, 1971
World Of Dylan Thomas
The Hunchback in the Park and Fern Hill read by Richard Burton, and In My Craft Or Sullen Art read by Richard Bebb.

This is followed by more poems by Dannie Abse and Leslie Norris.

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