Wednesday, September 8, 2010

39. Wales part 1

Broadcast on 15th June 2010
The first in our Welsh trilogy - a land that hasn't featured too much yet but which we will now address.

Children Talking
Children Talking

English With A Dialect - and Irish, Scottish and Welsh Accents
BBC Records, 1971

The Mabinogion extracts from the four branches.
read by Gwyn Jones
A Welsh Arts Council Oriel Record, 1976
Pryderi Lost and Found
The Sorrows of Branwen
Catching a Mouse
Lleu and the Flower-Bride

Not all these stories are played in this episode but I'll work out which was and update this page eventually.

Poets of Wales John Ormond, Raymond Garlick
Argo, 1971
Poets Of Wales Poets Of Wales cover
I played some of the Raymond Garlick poems only from this disk.

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