Monday, September 6, 2010

27. Nabokov and Russians

Broadcast on 16th March 2010.
Primarily Vladimir Nabokov reading from Lolita and other works but also fragments of a strange Russian record I found, and which I can't decipher at all, although it may be people reading Pushkin...

Lolita read by Vladimir Nabokov, produced by Arthur Luce Klein.
Spoken Arts

Russian Record I don't have Russian script on my computer and don't know how to translate this so please see for yourself. Any translation help would be much appreciated.


  1. The first poem is Alexander Blok "To Pushkin's house". I do not know who is reading, the voice is very familiar, but I do not want to confuse you with the wrong name.

  2. The second is Sergey Yesenin "To Pushkin"

  3. @Maria, thanks for the info on the readings. Hope you enjoyed listening to them.