Thursday, August 19, 2010

8. Help!

Broadcast: 20 October 2009
Self-help and instruction from a number of qualified and sometimes dubious sources.

Test Record For Setting Up Stereo Equipment
Deutsche Grammophon, no date
Wishing you many happy hours of listening in "Steer-io"! Oh and it's impressive hearing somebody say "Pilot" without the "l".
Stay Young With Eileen Fowler Based on BBC Woman's Hour
BBC Radio Enterprises, 1968

Shape Up And Dance with Felicity Kendal Look Good! Have Fun! Feel Fit!
Micrometro Ltd, 1981
So the cover doesn't look very 80's but whoa, look at the insert and it gets all freaky all of sudden with loads of make-up and stretch-costumes!

Jane Fonda's Workout Record With instructions by Jane Fonda.
CBS, 1981
Night Moves The Professional Approach To Disco Dance Instruction
K-TEL, 1979
This is great. It is two records with a book and everything! There are some cool colour pics of discos as well as shots of Deney Terrio, host of TV's Dance Fever, training John Travolta for Saturday Night Fever. There are loads of illustrations and photos to help you learn all the moves too!

Nagamuma's Practical Japanese Basic Course
Columbia, 1959(?)

This is a sweet little 10" that cost somebody ¥800 when it was released.

Phonetic Pronunciation | A Mozart Opera Victor Borge
Philips, no date

This was very odd - I was DJing with Stephen Deazley's Brewhouse Band on tour in Peebles, and did the charity shops in the afternoon between setting up and playing the gig. I found two copies of this in two different shops along with a nice George Formby, some Bartok, and a whistling record. Brilliant!

How To Give Yourself A Stereo Check-out
Decca, 1967

Ah, my very first stereo test record, and what a cracker: "And now I'm on the right hand side with a metronome and a very pretty girl!"

Hahneman Medi-disc Number One - 1966 SeriesPrevention and Treatment Of Infectious Diseases
Medi-disc Inc, 1966

7 Days To Better Bowling A new approach to the "Mental Side" of bowling which improves your game by developing relaxation, confidence, concentration, coordination.
Audio-Dynamics Corporation, 1961

Got this in Portland Oregon and I reckon you could seriously improve your game by using this record as instructed. I don't know how many Neuro-Linguistic-Programming bowling records were ever made, but this is a great one.

How To Lose Weight Devised by a Medical Practitioner
Medi Disc, 1970

Hold Down A Chord Folk Guitar For Beginners
BBC, 1967

Thanks to Jules Rawlinson for this record.

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