Friday, August 20, 2010

12. The Voice in Musique Concrete and Electronic Music

Broadcast: 17 November 2009
A history of the use of the human voice in tape and other electronic composition.

Rotatey Diskers With Unwin Stanley Unwin.
Marble Arch, 1961

Featuring Hi-De-Fido, The Pidey Pipeload Of Hamling, Goldyloppers And The Three Bearloaders and more.

Electronic Music / Musique Concrete. A Panorama Of Experimental Music Vol.1
Mercury, 1960/1?

Fantastic selection of work by Xenakis, Boucourechliev, Ferrari, Kagel, Ligeti etc.

Extended Voices New pieces for chorus and for voices altered electronically by sound synthesizer and vocoder
Odyssey, 1967+

Electronic Music
Vox/Turnabout, 1967

Killer album of three seminal early electronic pieces: Mimaroglu's Agony, Cage's Fontana Mix and Berio's Visage with the awesome Cathy Berberian.

Le Crabe Qui Jouait Avec La Mer by Rudyard Kipling, with Musique Concrete by Philippe Arthuys.
BAM, 1955

10" vinyl considered by many as the very first record of Musique Concrete, certainly the first issue from the Groupe de Recherche de Musique Concrete de la R.T.F. which later became the Group Recherche Musicale, or GRM in Paris.

Magic Egg Barrow Poets
Argo, 1972

I really should know more about the Barrow Poets, but for now, this is the record with the wonderful recital by Edwin Morgan of his poem The Loch Ness Monster's Song.

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