Friday, August 20, 2010

11. Children's Records

Broadcast: 10 November 2009
Records for kids but also for adults really.

Willo The Wisp 12 Stories from the BBC TV Series, Narrated by Kenneth Williams.
BBC Records, 1981

You don't want to use the word "genius" too often, so I won't, but Kenneth Williams is absolutely marvelous in general, but especially on this record.

All your friends from THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT present Dougal and the Blue Cat. Original Soundtrack of the film
Music For Pleasure, 1972

My first record really, and nice and worn and scratched it is too!

Winnie The Pooh By A.A. Milne, read by Alan Bennett
BBC Records, 1984

Nobody does Eeyore quite like Alan Bennett, and this version brings tears to the eyes.

Camberwick Green
BBC Records, 1972

Just So Stories Vol.2 by Rudyard Kipling, read by Michael Hordern, Barbara Jefford and Richard Johnson.
Argo, 1973

The Saga Of Noggin The Nog - Noggin and the Birds
EMI, 1963

Read by Oliver Postgate and available as a red vinyl 7" 45rpm!

And finally, here's one I couldn't play since I don't have a 78 machine: The Story Of Sleeping Beauty.
Just imagine what a tricky job it would have been to have kept this record out of kids mouths and away from sticky fingers! It's a wonder it's still in one piece.

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