Saturday, October 2, 2010

48. Planes, Trains and Wes Harrison

Broadcast on 5th October 2010

I came across this record in Amsterdam whilst doing a short intro at STEIM. My interest in sound design was the reason for buying it and I was amazed when I got it home and listened through to it. Despite the questionable taste of some of his jokes, Wes manages to recreate certain sounds with an amazing aptitude for detail, and there are many lessons here for sound designers in any medium.

Also on today's show is the third part of our four part serialisation of Macbeth.

The World Of Steam Steam locomotives heard at work on railways in Britain, Germany, Spain and Turkey.
Argo, 1970

Salute In Sound Aircraft of the RAF, specially recorded in Stereo, introduced by Group Capt. Douglas Bader CBE, DSO, DFC.
Music For Pleasure, 1968

You Won't Believe Your Ears Wes Harrison
The Comedy And Sound Effects Of America's Funniest Man.
Philips, undated
I just played side 2 of this record - The Duck Hunt.

William Shakespeare Macbeth
The Shakespeare Recording Society
Caedmon, 1960
With a cast including Robert Hardy as Duncan, Ian Holm as Malcolm, Stanley Holloway as the Porter, Jill Balcon as Lady Macduff and Anthony Quayle in the lead role. Another cracking production under the direction of Howard Sackler on Caedmon.

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