Monday, November 22, 2010

54. JB Priestley and Gerard Hoffnung

Broadcast on 16th November 2010

The warm Bradford tones of Priestley reading from Delights, finished off with the effusively rumbunctious mirthfulness of the inimitable Gerard Hoffnung.

An Informal Hour with J.B.Priestley
Spoken Arts, undated
JB Priestley
Orchestral Conductors
Smell of Tahiti
Smoking in a Hot Bath
Not Going

No School Report
Long Trousers
Pleasure and Gratitude of Children
The Mineral Water in Bedrooms of Foreign Hotels
Orchestras Tuning Up
The Delight That Never Was
But This is Where We Came In

BBC Records, 1973
hoffnung_importance hoffnung_middle
Two excerpts:
The Film Fan recorded in 1955 and broadcast originally on "Talking About Films".
My Life recorded in 1953 and originally broadcast on "Woman's Hour" thus earning it, in my humble opinion, clearly the best ever Woman's Hour broadcast honours.

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